Founded in Hastings on Hudson, NY during the COVID pandemic of 2020, Mucous Lavender is the long time alter ego of Paul Samber, kind of an asshole with nothing better to do than sit in his home office writing mediocre prog rock while his countrymen die all around him. His debut single (and corresponding album) "The End of Summer" was conceptualized while pushing his one year old son around the neighborhood in a stroller and watching the sun rise. It was far too early, and this is the result.... 


Recorded completely on an iPad, The End of Summer is a thinly veiled concept album centered around the early morning thought vomit of a man pushing a baby along the Hudson River, mulling over the chaos of 2020. It manages to be incredibly pretentious, while still completely uninspired all at the same time, which the artist considers to be his greatest achievement to date.  


Nowhere to go but up from here. 



Paul Samber - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Flutes, Drum Programming 

Catherine Frances Scott - Vocals and Visuals