So late last year I found myself with some extra time on my hands because I wasn't commuting into the city anymore. With nothing but the internet at my disposal, I decided to find some people to collaborate with. 

One of those people turned out to be my new friend Valentina (who goes by Dr. Wonder Woman). She managed to step away from her PHD studies for a few minutes here and there to write and record some vocals in her bathroom in Italy. 

We had intended to do a full length release, but she had to go off to Denmark to be a scientist, and I have actual work to do sometimes, so we thought it better to just release what we had. 

This one was interesting for me in that it was the first time I was given a set of vocals first, and tried to write the music underneath. Anyway this is the result. While I could probably spend more time with the mixing, I think the end result is kind of cool. Available on all streaming platforms now, or for purchase right here on the site for a really low price. 

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